Setup Requirements

If you plan to have Einstein’s Monkey perform at your event, please be sure to read ALL of this information below.

Seriously – it’s important to have all of our bananas in a row before we arrive!

Physical Space

Einstein’s Monkey generally requires a performance space no smaller than 15′ by 10′ with at least 8′ of overhead clearance (ceilings, lights, etc.).  If we’re performing outside, we require the space to be covered.  Our fur doesn’t protect us well from sunburn or rain!  We are flexible, but we need to discuss this in advance if you don’t have this much space or a tent so we can figure out the best option.

Set Up Time

Einstein’s Monkey generally requires at least one full hour for setup and sound check before the audience can enter the room.   If this is not possible, please make sure you let us know in advance so we can discuss options.

Sound System

For smaller shows where no other performers/performances are occurring on the same stage, generally Einstein’s Monkey will include our own sound system as part of the contract.  Be sure to refer to your contract with Einstein’s Monkey to determine if you are providing a sound system.
EM cannot provide their sound system for other performers/acts.

IF EM is providing their own sound system, you (the venue/booking contact) are required to provide a performance space not smaller than 15′ wide and 10′ deep, with one 15amp-10amp outlet no more than 10′ from the performance space.  Area should be well lit – but specialized lighting is generally not required.

If YOU are responsible for providing the sound system, please refer to the description and stage plot below.  Typically, you’ll want to give this information to your sound person / sound contractor in advance of the show:

Einstein’s Monkey is generally two musicians (guitar and bass) and backing tracks (keyboards and drums), requiring two vocal microphones on stands, two lines for our direct boxes, a mic for B’s guitar cabinet and a 15amp power outlet (quad box or strip) at the vocal mic and guitar amp locations.  We prefer two monitors with individual mixes, but can work with only one monitor mix if necessary.  Note that B stands stage right and is deaf in his right ear. Monitor on the stage right should be centered, or to the stage left of B’s microphone as shown in the diagram.

The music is rock and roll / electronica / dance so a sound system with strong full range capabilities is required.  Because of the heavy dance beats and sub-bass keyboard notes we often use, subwoofers are strongly recommended for any size audience,  though we ask that all sound levels be maintained at an appropriate for young ears.

Stage Plot: