Promotional Materials for Download

Einstein’s Monkey (EM) high resolution promotional materials are provided here for you to use as needed to promote your event featuring EM. Use of EM photos, logos or other artist information does NOT imply endorsement by EM of any particular product, service or organization.

Logo’s should be used in their entirety, in the highest resolution possible.


Einstein’s Monkey Logo:

You can copy the logo on this page if you are using it on a web page. If you are printing, please click on the image you want to open the full size version, and download the file (“save image as”).  The text is Veranda, if you want to match your art to our logo.





Einstein’s Monkey Promotional Photo:

The Official Einstein’s Monkey promo pictures (click to open high resolution version).  Even higher resolution available on request.














Einstein’s Monkey One Sheet:

A printable one page description of the band you can use to tell people about us.

Downloadable PDF of One Sheet


Press Release:

December 16, 2015:  News Release-Einstein’s Monkey announces release of new album, Caution

Caution Album Logo

Caution Album Cover Art