Banana Yellow Album

 Banana Yellow

The first recording released by Einstein’s Monkey is called “Banana Yellow”.

With clear influence from bands like Nirvana, The Cars, Johnny Cash, Peter Gabriel and others, Banana Yellow is a trip through the musical influences of the band members B Bagby and Jeff Hofmann. A musical surprise is around every corner.  Songs about B’s pet dinosaur and Jeff’s difficult time keeping his underwear clean will keep kids and their parents laughing, singing and dancing along.

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Bedtime BoogieRockin' B

Well its a quarter to nine and I’m feeling fine
I’ve just had my evening drink
eight full ounces of milky delight
is what I need to get through the night
now I’m a little wired and I’m looking to score some toys!

Well I crawl across the carpet and out of the door
lucky for me they don’t lock it no more
Daddy’s asleep in the rocking char
He’s a soft touch I can go anywhere
Now I’m a little wired and I’m looking to score some toys

Well, it’s the bedtime boogie
We go through this every night

Well pretty darn soon I’m in the living room
and a huge cornucopia awaits
A huge box of shiny delights
and I can have my pick of the bunch
I’m a little wired and I’ve finally scored some toys
well I grab the silver ball, the one that rings
And that was my big mistake
one good shake of that ball
And the whole family’s awake
Now Daddy’s a little wired and it looks like I’m going to bed

Well he picks me up and lays me down
and pats my back real soft
It doesn’t seem fair that he knows
every one of my sleepy spots
Now I’m not so wired and it looks like I’m going to bed!

B looks like JohnnyIt’s Not Fair!

It’s not fair, It’s not fair
It’s not fair when they take your toys away,
It’s not fair

Well I was ridin’ along, it was half past dark
I decided to cross the street, didn’t bother with looking both ways
I had places to be, friends to meet, I was headed to the park

It was warm outside, I was enjoying the ride
That’s when the fun came crashing down
Cause Mama yelled “Come inside!”
We’ll I’d had three slushies and a candy bar and my sugar had reached it’s peak

I was feeling kinda surly, I wasn’t gonna admit defeat
I screamed “one more time!” and she replied “NOW!”
Well, I just turned around, looked her square in the eye and said “Mama, No”


Well her face turned a bright shade o’ red
Kinda like the color of Elmo, but not in a good sort of way
I’m pretty sure I could see the steam comin’ out of her ears
Well she put her hand on her hip and said she’d count to three
Lucky for me I can only count to two
Well I tried puttin’ my fingers in my ears and singing, but to no avail
Then that woman walked right up to my three wheeler and said “You’ve had your last ride”
And led me through the front door with my head hung low
I had a sneaking suspicion I’d never see my ride no more


Don’t wanna get up
Don’t wanna go to school
Don’t wanna brush my teeth
Don’t think that’s cool

Don’t wanna brush my hair
Won’t change my underwear!
Don’t care what I wear
I don’t really care

I’m just a brat I’m just a brat

Don’t wanna ride the bus
Don’t wanna share my seat
I wanna make a fuss
I’ll make you smell my feet!

Don’t wanna sit down
Don’t wanna face front
I just wanna frown
Wanna pull some stunts

Don’t wanna eat school lunch
Don’t want my broccoli
Don’t wanna drink the punch
Just let me be!

Don’t wanna wash my hands
Don’t wanna look both ways
Just wanna kick some sand
Just  wanna disobey

Worst DayJeff's a punk

Woke up
Fell outta bed
Wouldn’t you know it
Put a bump on my head
Then I yelled something that I shouldn’t have
Dad washed my mouth out with soap
It was awful

Went downstairs for pancakes
That’s what I love the most
Didn’t get my  pancakes
All I got was some dry toast
I couldn’t believe it
I mean really, who has dry toast for breakfast anyway?

Today is the worst day
today is the worst day
today is the worst day
Of my life

Standing at the bus stop
Kids  laugh and stare
My shoes were untied,
And they could see my underwear
It was so embarrassing
I’m glad it was clean underwear…I think

Got on the bus
Tripped and fell
All the kids laughed
And said I smelled
Then I realized what today was going to be…
……..and I just yelled

Get to class and I realize
When the teacher looked at me
With those beady eyes
Didn’t study for my test,
And I knew this day would not be my best

1987Going Shopping

I’m going shopping at the shopping mall
Today’s gonna be real fun
When mom turns her head
Through the aisles I will run
I’ll get up in the clothing rack
That’s where I think I’ll be
And when the time is right
I’ll grab mom by her knobby knees

Grab her by the knee
But her scream sounds kind of odd
That’s when I realize that’s not mom
But some guy in shorts named Todd

I need to find my mom
There’s a weird feeling inside my body
I’m lost, scared and hungry
Oh, no! I need to potty
I call for mom as loud as I can “MOM!!!!”
Twenty ladies come my way
Now I start to realize
Under that rack I should have stayed

I leave the rack and I start to look
I’m feeling kind of ashamed
But it’s not fair, it’s not my fault
All knees look the same

Mom comes back and takes my hand
And says why did you do that
I don’t know what to say
I just start to cry
But it’s ok, I’ve got my mom
I’m crying but I’m glad
But you know I’ll miss the mall
And for that, I’m still sad

Goodbye mall
Goodbye clothing rack
Goodbye twenty ladies
Goodbye knees
Goodbye Todd

Mom Lost the CarHeaded to Seattle

Mom lost the car in the parking lot
It was there, but now it’s not
Mom lost the car in the parking lot
where’d it go? I don’t know!

Went to the mall just last week
To buy some clothes
and shoes for my feet
When we came out
Mom said the car was gone
I didn’t see it.
How could she be wrong?

Where’d it go?
Where’d it go? Where’d it go?
Where’d it go?
Mom lost the car in the parking lot.
Where’d it go? I don’t know

Last night
we went to the grocery store
We were out of milk
and we needed more
But when we rolled out the shopping cart
Mom couldn’t remember where we parked

Mom took me to a movie this afternoon
It was great! A big screen cartoon!
But when we left, I knew it had happened again
Mom couldn’t remember where the car had been!


Party in the Playroom

I met a man when I was just a lad
Much smaller than I am today
He told me not to grow up
not to throw my youth away
I said to the man are you crazy, I said
I want to grow up and be a star
he said, son that sounds great, but today your young, your just a kid
don’t be in a hurry to throw away who you are

There’s a party in our playroom
All my friends are gonna be there
There’s a party in the playroom
there’ll be no frowns and nothing can get us down
when we’re there

Every year about this time
a crazy thing happens and I start to rhyme
I grab all my friends and we start to jump around
We grab all the pillows and throw ’em to the floor
We jump on the bed while Anna closes the door
I don’t wanna have the grown ups see how we like to play

All my friends are here with me
and we love to play in my playroom
we’re surrounded by stuffed animals
toys and games
we jump on the bed when no one is looking
Jump to the floor when footsteps come
from around the corner
we’re too busy being caught in the fun
That’s alright


When I walk into the room everything seems to sit so high, everything is so high that it’s all over my head why is it that everything I want, is just out of reach.

I wonder why everything that tastes so bad, why when it all tastes so bad it’s good for me? Why does everything so bad for me  come in shiny wrappers?

So I asked my mom “will I grow up  tall enough to touch the sky?  Will we finally be able to see eye to eye?”  she said, “maybe”

No one seems to listen to me, no one listens to me. They don’t hear what I say. Maybe if I just spoke louder, do you think they’d hear me?

It’s just basic science that some things are small. it’s just science that some are tall some are small but why do I keep ending up on the short end of the stick?

So I ask my dad if I can’t be that tall does he think I could fly,  He said “If you build wings that don’t melt you can try.   Maybe”

All these things that I’ve been looking for, the answers I’ve been seeking, have I had them all along? Were the answers hidden in the flowers or sung in a song?

it’s amazing what I hear when I just listen, I can hear the sun rise and the dew glisten. It’s great to laugh at the trees when the wind blows through the leaves.

The question is complicated but now it becomes clear if I just listen can I hear angels whisper in my ear? Maybe

Pet Dinosaur

Just a toyI’ve got a new friend,
I’ve got the most amazing pet
I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get him
to the vet
He’s green and purple and not very furry
at all
He’s really good at running and he’s great at catching
when I throw the ball

I’ve got a pet dinosaur
He’s growing every day
Last month he was the size of head
but he’s even bigger, today

Well my pet dinosaur, he’s my best friend,
he’s my confidant
With just one look in his eyes
I always know just what he wants
We go out to the park to play catch
in the sun
People stare, people scream, children smile,
and grown-ups run

I’ve got a pet dinosaur
He’s growing every day
Last week he was the size of my bed
but he’s even bigger, today

When I first brought him home
and asked mom & dad
if he could stay
I could see in their eyes that
they didn’t know quite what to say
But he wasn’t very big
and he wasn’t frightening at all
Who ever knew he’d grow up to be so tall?

I’ve got a pet dinosaur
He’s growing every day
Three days ago he was the size of my room
but he’s even bigger, today

When he was a young
he chewed a bit on the couch
Occasionally he had an accident in the floor,
if we forgot to put him out
Three thousand paper towels
and two tons of newspaper later
I’m happy to say he’s house broken
but he annoys the neighbors

I’ve got a pet dinosaur
He’s growing every day
Yesterday he was the size of my house
but he’s even bigger, today

Today he’s the size of my block,
I hate to see how big he is next May!

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight
Don’t let the bedbugs bite
You know I’ll be close by, and you know when you cry
I’ll be there

Every night about this time
I look around and I start to whine
It’s getting dark…

Every night about this time
I think to myself it’s fine
but I’m really not sure it is…

I don’t like the dark
I don’t know why
I don’t like the dark

Every night about this time
I call for Dad
As loud as I can

Every night about this time
I call for Mom
because I can

I know I’m getting too old
Getting too old for hiding
beneath the sheets

I pull my legs up high
onto the mattress
So they can’t get my feet

I turn on my flash light
read a book or look at pictures
until I can fall asleep

At every noise I squeeze my eyes
squeeze them shut every time
but I won’t cry