Family friendly indie rockers Einstein’s Monkey has been described as a blend of They Might Be Giants and Bare Naked Ladies and more. The band’s 80’s era alt-rock and electronic influences show through with heavy, danceable beats and arpeggiated synths sweeping in and out of a typical set.

Never forgetting their roots as a band for all ages, family friendly themes weave their way through upbeat, honest rock music.  The band revels in the simple joys of life while not being afraid to point out the pains of being a kid or adult. A typical show is an upbeat, dancing, clapping, singing along as loud as you can sort of affair that offers a unique bonding experience for audiences of all ages.

In their more than 15 years together, the band has been seen at FloydFest, Festival in the Park, the Jefferson Center, the Lyric Theater, as well as music clubs, festivals, school auditoriums and public libraries.

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What People Say About Us

“Our students clapped and laughed and stomped and sang with Einstein’s Monkey and their cool rock and roll songs.  As one second grader put it so eloquently, “They be rock stars!”
– Teresa B. Singer, Music Specialist. Northwest Elementary School. Kinston, NC

“When putting together program schedules, it often times becomes challenging to find quality entertainment that appeals to various age groups and interests. Einstein’s Monkey has exceeded our greatest expectations!
It’s hard not to have respect for artists who take kids this seriously while still providing their parents with familiar goodies in which to proudly sing along.”
-Aimee Hall, Director of Special Events/Facilities Rental Manager. Taubman Museum of Art

“Einstein’s Monkey was a wonderful addition to the Taubman Museum of Art’s Spectacular Saturday program. Their performance was energetic and upbeat—the audience was engaged the entire time. It was a program that appealed to children and adults alike. All of the members of the band was a dream to work with and made the process from booking to performance a great experience. I would absolutely schedule Einstein’s Monkey for another performance!”
-Abbie Edens, Head of Youth & Family Education

Einstein’s Monkey brought their unique performance style to Blue Ridge PBS KidsFest… The free event attracted 10,000-15,000 people in a single afternoon, with up to 3,000 people in the arena at any given time. During their period on the arena stage, Einstein’s Monkey easily grabbed the attention of the large crowd of children and adults. The group was also very helpful and easy to deal with as Blue Ridge PBS planned the event’s launch.
– Linda Pharis, M.Ed., VP Education Blue Ridge PBS

“The music is fun, and it sounds like a good way for kids and their parents to bond over the same music — at least until the kids get old enough to start digging stuff that frightens their parents.”
– Tad Dickens, Roanoke Times

“We loved having Einstein’s Monkey at our library system. They got the children involved and up off the floor throughout their wonderful program. All ages had fun, even the adults!”
-Amanda Hood Bailey, Head of Children’s and Youth Services, Washington County Public Library

“I had the opportunity to see Einstein’s Monkey with my children and found them to be an absolute delight. Their songs are wonderfully engaging; they speak to feelings and issues that are relevant to children. The audience especially enjoyed the interactive portion when Jeff and B demonstrated various instruments and encouraged the children to play and experience music.
As a teacher, I see the profound impact that musical exploration can have on students. Because of their truly generous spirit and dedication to music and the arts, Einstein’s Monkey is a rare and amazing asset to this community.”
– Mary McCurley, Teacher